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Rural Life Map Edit DLC2

This is a good Medium sized map with good sized fields, gravel roads, paved roads, cows, a river, mud holes, Original Fruits and 2 farms one for your equipment and the other to sell...



*Avoid Auto-selling Milk at Midnight (v0.9 beta) Script: Decker *CattleBarns Tommy23 (LSUK Forum Member) *hedge Dennis Busch *empty map:Gigants.map constructed:johan *orginal models by gigants *Green/Brown Barns American Eagles Mod Team Download: http://ul.to/h7ga1le8


QuickCamera v0.9(beta)

Description: What can this mod be used for? With all the additional key-controls that modern vehicles and implements now has, it is not always feasible to switch between keyboard and mouse all the time,...