QuickCamera v0.9(beta)


What can this mod be used for?
With all the additional key-controls that modern vehicles and implements now has, it is not always feasible to switch between keyboard and mouse all the time, as it may cause driving errors or worse…
So to look quickly around, this QuickCamera mod introduce “quick-tap keys” for both cabin camera and external cameras of a vehicle.
Basically if you quick-tap the ‘Look Left’ key, the camera will rotate to the next 45-degree angle to the left, and so too for ‘Look Right’.
To look backwards, quick-tap the ‘Look Down’ key, and forward is the ‘Look Up’ key. Or vise-versa if you have the keys mapped differently.
If the selected camera is capable of zooming, a quick-tap on the ‘Camera Zoom Out’ key, will cause it to zoom out 20 units at a time. And likewise for the ‘Camera Zoom In’ key.

The default quick-tap time is 125 milliseconds or below. If you can not press-and-release a key this quick, the time can be adjusted via the in-game console, using this console command:
modQuickCameraRotateKeyTapMs []

Also if the default zoom-in/out of 20 units does not suit you, it can be changed via the in-game console, using this console command:
modQuickCameraZoomDistance []

Known bugs/problems:
Because this QuickCamera mod does not override the normal camera movement script, there will be a little movement first, before the camera snaps into position.

Script: Decker

DOWNLOAD: http://uploaded.to/file/hd6kgdbc

What this mod gives to you

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