Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira

Forest/campaign type:
This is an edited of the great HawkHillMap V.1, made by Mickr4, it has 12 Fruits (4 normal + potatos, green wheat, SugarBeet, sunflower, cotton, SoyBean, pea, and oat). Lot of vegetation, forestry area, great atmosphere airplane + traffic + boats, the pda work perfectly, you can store/sell all the available crops, there is 4 selling places where you can sell almost everything as well to fertilizer and seeds. You have a new construction site where you can sell manure. You can sell manure and liquidmanure. Added a Barn XXL, farm animals (goats), there is a nem farmShop, two edited H-Store’s, a gasstation, a Zone Recovery and a lot more.

It’s based on the original map but almost unrecognizable now.
Lots of re-texturing to be prettier was be done by Mickr4.
Highly likely to overpower weak computer (sorry for that but that’s the price of the realism…)

You will need a Harvester/trailers compatible with the fruits that you want to harvest “not included”.

An edition of the Hawk Hills Map V.1 by Mickr4, that was Based on the Wopito Map. I have pumped everything that i found over the internet and tough was cool and included it in this map..

Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira [Hotfile.com]
Download: Hawk Hills Map V.2 edited by TiagOliveira [Uploading.com]

What this mod gives to you

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